What should I do first?

Please fill in the registration form and wait for one of our sales managers to contact you

I don't understand how does it all work!

You can ask the sales manager any question you would like. The sales manager was appointed for you especially.

How can I buy a bike?

Please have a look at our "How to Odrer" page

How can I get a quote? How can I know a final price with all the expenses for the bike that I want?

Your personal sales manager will answer this question.

Can you send a bike to any country?

We can send a bike to any country that has a sea port. (Your country customs restrictions apply)

Can I choose the bike that I want myself?

You can choose the bike you want to bid on our Bidding System Page. It will be added to your personal cabinet.

Do you accept payment in US Dollars or Euro?

We accept payment in US Dollars and Euro, however, forein currencies will be converted to Japanese Yen.

If I will buy many bike, can I expect discounts?

Yes, you can count on it. Ask your sales manager.

Can I communication with you in English language?

Our sales manager speak Japanese, Russian, English and German. Your manager will be chosen for you so you could communicate in a language that you understand.

What kind of actions do you for my bike order?

We take care of your bike from the moment you place a bid in our system to the moment it leaves port. We are experienced exporters - we work quickly and efficiently and for a competetive price. We will resolve any possible issues with your order until the bike leaves Japanese soil.

Can I also order spare parts for my bike? For example a spare wheel set or other parts?

We can send any parts that you like with your bike (your country's customs restrictions apply)

How many years have your company been in the bike business?

We have been exporting from Japan for 11 years. We are veteran experts in Japanese cars and bikes export - we have sold approximately 130,000 cars and exported them to countries around the globe.

Can I come to Japan to get acquainted with your company in person?

Of course, you are welcome to come at anytime.

Do you have partners outside Japan?

Yes, we have partners in Moscow and Germany.