Step 1

You register at Registration Page

Step 2

You receive a reply from one of our proffessional sales managers.

Step 3

You pay a security deposit and get access to the Japanese auctions.

Step 4

You directly place bids via our Auctions' System.

Step 5

When your bid has won, our company does the following:

- We pay the auction house for your bike;
- We transport the bike to one of our yards;
- We store it for FREE for 30 days;
- We prepare the export documents for it;
- We declare customs for it;
- We move the bike to port three days before the sea vessel leaves port;
- We load the bike on the ship and it departs to your county;
- We are fully responsible for the bike until the departure day.

Step 6

We send the appropriate documents to you by express mail.

Step 7

You or your customs agent receive the bike at the port of destination.